Guru Gian geeft elk voorjaar en elk najaar Kundalini Yoga retraites in Nederland en in het buitenland. Rust, meditatie, natuur en yoga zijn de focus.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Retreat Ibiza 

Relax, Renew & Recharge

Take time to...

* get in touch with your true self

* feel inner peace

* enjoy the beautiful isle of Ibiza

* connect to your soul

* rekindle your yoga practice

* gain more knowledge

* be still and enjoy nature

* recharge yourself

* just be 

Een groep enthousiast yogi's tijdens de Kundalini Yoga retraite vorig najaar op Ibiza

This Spiritual Yoga is for everybody interested in learning and growing.

No previous yoga experience needed. 

The 6th Body - Arcline

Your arcline is your most precious energetic spiritual body. It's the transmitter that sends your thoughts and feelings out to the Universe and at the same time  picks up subtle vibrations from

within giving you intuition. During this wonderfull retreat, we practice physical kriyas and meditations to awaken and strengthen your arcline so you will be able to send a clear signal to the universe and you can improve manifesting your souls desires. Through the tantric numerology, you will explore your relationship with the arcline (as everybody has it!) and its

interrelationship with the other ten light bodies of consciousness.

Yogi's bezig met een kriya tijdens de kundalini yoga retraite op Ibiza

"People had a capacity to change their life from a pauper to a prince, and they still

do it. They have found a secret. They have found a secret to enlarge their Halo.

So their brightness can attract all the opportunities and they can have prosperity.”

- Yogi Bhajan-

Be prepared for a new chapter in your life!

Knowing that the arcline contains our destiny, our karma, our subconscious garbage, and the imprint of every sexual encounter we’ve ever had - then it becomes essential to keep practices that can clear away some of the crap to make space for more clarity and

true connection. In Kundalini Yoga, we have meditations that involve moving the hands and arms through the arcline to clear and charge them. 

Een yogi tijdens de Kundalini Yoga retraite op Ibiza in een meditatie pose om spiritueel te ontwaken.

Relax, Renew & Recharge

We balance this intense spiritual workout with lots of laughter, snoozing, chilling, sunbathing, swimming, hiking, exploring,

connecting with each other and indulging in ridiculously yummy organic vegetarian food outside under the stars by night!

The retreat is held at an extraordinary luxurious villa in Ibiza, high up in the mountains in the north of the island.

De villa met zwembad en uitzicht over de heuvels op Ibiza tijdens de kundalini yoga retreat

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Retreat Ibiza 2018

November 15th - November 22nd

What do you get during the retreat

  • 7 nights at a luxurious villa in Ibiza
  • Rich daily program of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, dancing, music and creativity
  • Outstanding yogic vegetarian and organic food from the Island (3 meals per day)
  • Around 55 hours of training in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Certificate of the training
  • Spiritual teachings by Guru Gian to get inspired and move forward in your daily practice
  • Hiking tour
  • One to one tutoring and support at all times

  • Lots of free time, to relax by the pool and explore stunning Ibiza

  • A lot of fun, laughter, transformation and growth for your body, soul and Spirit

What does a day look like?


05.30 - 08.00 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

08.00 - 10.00 Breakfast

10.00 - 12.30 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

13.30 - 17.30 Free time to explore, relax, hike, swim


17.30 - 19.30 Dinner

19.30 - 20.30 Sharing & meditation

What did others say about the Ibiza retreat?

"Overwhelming sense of inner peace and love"

The weird form of yoga which at the end works for you! It was honestly hardworking, though at the end I felt really amazing. I had so much energy and inner strength, but also an overwhelming sense of inner peace and love.

Review van Marion Pauw over de Kundalini Yoga retraite van Guru Gian op Ibiza

Marion Pauw - Writer

"Perfect way to experience Ibiza"

Perfect way to experience the special vibes of Ibiza. Great and diverse yoga

and meditation, inspiring content, lovely people, amazing location and more than delicious food

Review van Marleen Kuyt over de Kundalini Yoga retraite op Ibiza van Guru Gian

Marleen Kuyt - Entrepeneur

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Group Room

Group room

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Group room Kundalini Yoga retreat Ibiza

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Double Room

Two sharing one bed

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Double room in villa Kundalini Yoga retreat Ibiza

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Double room

Single occupancy per bed

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Double room in villa Kundalini Yoga retreat Ibiza

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2 Single Room

Two persons in separate beds

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Single room in villa Kundalini Yoga retreat Ibiza

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Private Room

Single occupancy

€ 1.548,-

Private room in villa Kundalini Yoga retreat Ibiza

Please note: travel costs are not included

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Impression of the Ibiza retreat

Extra tools (only available in Dutch at this moment):

"De belangrijkste reden waarom je op yoga retraite moet gaan"

"5 Tips om te ontdekken welke retraite het best bij jou past"

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