NineMinMax® Business Yoga Training

How to have Meetings With Yourself for Inner Peace, Success, and Happiness

Sat nam dear Friend,

If you are looking for an effective way to deal with your stress, or if you are looking for more peace of mind or happiness in your work life, or you work with people who want to deal effectively with stress, then this message will show you how. 

Here's the deal:

I have created an online training that teaches you yoga poses and meditations that you can do behind your desk. They are powerful and effective and they deliver. Off course you could also do them on a mat, but why not try it from behind your desk!

Just imagine yourself working for a full day. 

How wonderful it would be if you could take short breaks, click on a video, and have a powerful peak experience while sitting at your desk? Just sense the inner peace and fulfillment that comes from such a peak experience.

Does it takes a lot of time?

No, in 9 minutes you can totally reset yourself for vitality and focus. 

These techniques I call the NineMinMax technology. 

I have created an online program that teaches you 9 sessions in which each session includes a NineMinMax meditation.

I am pretty sure that it will help you a lot with living a stress free, happy and successful live.

Just read below what you will get in this online program.

And I hope to see you in a few minutes in the online course.

Sat nam and blessings,

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

What will you be learning in the Course?

  • 9 powerful life transforming Kundalini Yoga meditations
  • How to observe your "inner weather" (so you know when to relax and when to go for it)
  • A business yoga structure to do powerful yoga and meditation from the comfort of your seat anytime and anywhere
  • A 9 minute technology to get yourself in a peak state (and quickly out of any depressing thought)
  • A specific meditation to move beyond your limitations (and feel good and full of confidence afterwards)
  • A simple yogic technique to find all answers within (because Google cannot find all the answers to our questions)
  • The REAL purpose of Yoga (and it is not being perfect in a posture)
  • How you can challenge yourself without forcing yourself (this all depends on little distinction you learn inside the course)
  • How to stay mindfully present during your practice
  • 2 powerful breathing techniques in detail
  • Why the breath is the most important tool for yogis and how you can use it effectively
  • The 3 core principles of breathing which will give you the power to control your mind
  • The 18 benefits and a step-by-step guide of the single most important breathing technique
  • The 3 most important mistakes in doing the Breath Of Fire
  • The 11 benefits of Breath Of Fire
  • Your most important asset you have and how you can take care of it as a Mother
  • A secret 3 step yogic technique to get rid of stress in 9 minutes and feeling clear and focused
  • A kriya that teaches you to intuitively know what to say and when to say it.
  • A special technique so you can remove the worst destroying emotion from your consciousness (this step is essential for ongoing spiritual development).
  • How you can do life-transforming yoga and meditation exercises from the comfort of your CHAIR!
  • A key breathing technique that helps you in a demanding situation and you need to come up with a solution.
  • Instructions how to deal with challenging postures.
  • A specific yogic exercise to balance your sexual system (so that you can freely enjoy your sexuality or use it for creativity or healing in the body)
  • A specific session where you work on yourself as a leader (and that does not only mean working on leading others, but also leading your own thoughts, emotions, sensations and desires)
  • An essential point in the lower point of your body that you need to strengthen in order to tap your creative potential
  • 1 exercise that causes your need for excessive sleep to disappear
  • A beautiful meditation in which you only have to move a little part of your body that will release your happiness hormones.
  • How to balance the 5 most important aspects in you so you can go smoothly through transformations
  • A scientifically proven (by ECG scans) meditation technique that helps people with dementia and is practiced in schools over the world.
  •  A meditation that you should do when you need to do something outside your comfort zone, like giving presentation or an important talk (which I practiced when I needed to give a talk).

"I created this course with a lot of love and dedication so you can really experience the bliss, expansion and healing from these specially designed NineMinMax Meditation sessions"

The whole training is at least valued at €197,-

but if you order it today it is yours for only € 9,-

I know you will love the special energy in this training!

This is what others are saying about Sat Kirtan and her NineMinMax training:

"It changed my life completely"
“Working with Sat Kirtan has completely changed my life. With a very demanding job and a young family, time is limited and very expensive. I never considered doing this, but it gave me so many tools that I didn't even realize I already had them to make professional and personal progress. I will not stop here. I recommend everyone to do this program.' 

Leythem Wall

Partner bij HGF Ltd.

"The Ultimate Combination
“Because of the spiritual environment for me, I had to get used to Sat Kirtan, I thought. But because of her loving energy combined with the resolute and analytical feedback, she turned out to be the ultimate combination for me. Thankful that Sat Kirtan came on my path and I now see what she told me six months ago.”

Lisa van Roode

Entrepeneur, Team Big B.V

"Try It Yourself"
"I joined the NineMinMax Business Yoga sessions given twice a week during lunchbreaks at work. I would come feeling stressed, tired or frustrated. And I always left refreshed, happy and relaxed. Ready to go back to work. In half an hour I was guided in simple but effective yoga exercises. I got tips on how to them by myself as well. I can really recommend the NineMinMax Business Yoga services. Just contact them and try it yourself.’
Shangita Bose

Business Analyst ING

Yes, I am In!