Dear Future Tantric Coach,

Do you want to learn to live fully?

Do you want a deeper connection with your body?

And do you want to love every part of yourself?

What do you think about sharing this with people around you and the world?

Then we would like to welcome you to become a next generation coach: a Tantric Coach.

Becoming a successful Tantric coach also means diving deep into realms of the self. First and foremost, learning to live fully and totally. And creating a loving relationship with your body and your sexual energy. In the process of becoming a Tantric Coach, you discover your wild free side. You feel alive and energized. It’s this free alive being when you were born. You will feel complete and energized. The life force is tingling through your whole body-mind system and you creativity and inspiration is in full power modus. You will tap out of a mystical source of energy you had no idea existed.

You enter the world and distinguish yourself as one of the first modern professional Tantric Coaches. In nowadays society with the ever-growing number of coaches, you will stand out by delighting your clients with unique tantric meditations and tools with proven results. On top of course, of all the world-class coaching techniques carefully selected which you also learn during this new training.

After the training you have a unique set of skills, competencies and effective meditations and exercises. Plus a good dose of experience to go into the world right away, share your gift and make some serious money in exchange.

Our unique contribution is that we have distilled the most profound meditations and effective deep exercises from different tantric traditions and have put them in a modern professional safe environment.

We have chosen the method that includes no nudity and no intercourse. In this method we avoid abuse of power, mis-use of power and to have clear boundaries and communications. This way you can keep your Tantric Coaching very pure, clear and safe for yourself and your clients. Tantric Coaching becomes a journey orientated and guided by pleasure and joy, and brings powerful healing opportunities for the human species.

We believe that by adapting this unique system that we teach you in the training, you can become fully alive, multi-orgasmic free in your body, and in deep connection with yourself and your environment. Embracing the beautiful being that your are with the dark and the light. 

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Tantric Coach Level 1 training! Beyond mastering transformative techniques, you'll receive a certificate upon completion, a testament to your dedication and newly acquired expertise in this ancient practice. Let it be your badge of honor and a stepping stone to a rewarding journey ahead!

Love always, 

Humita & Jasper

What is tantra?

Welcome the Mystical! Let's start with some aspects that define our view of tantra. There are many flavors in the tantric world and we think it is important that you know something about how we see, experience and share tantra.

Tantra is learning by doing, the journey of experience and is not a religion. Tantra is a mystical ancient tradition. It is an expression of unconditional love for the depth and beauty of the mystery of life. Tantrikas are not believers, but explorers and enjoyers of life. They want to know reality by experiencing life in all its fullness. This is how they welcome the "Mystical" in this life on earth.

You realize that it's probably not quite what you think and certainly not what they show in the media.

Tantra is about celebrating your body, embracing your Awakened Self, and feeling heightened sensuality. 

Contrary to popular belief, tantra is not a purely sexual practice, yet rather a complete yogic system that includes everything: the feminine and the masculine energy, light and the dark,  heaven and earth. By accepting its full spectrum, it gets a stage and is brought together.

Tantra isn't just about sexual pleasure. It's more about celebrating your body, embracing your Awakened Self, and feeling heightened sensuality. The methods combine spirituality, sexuality, body awareness and a state of mind. It encourages a sensual awakening to be experienced alone or with a partner.

Sexuality is just one of the many frameworks we focus on. We primarily want to teach you to be consciously present in the ongoing process of change and growth that life consists of. We support you to be in contact with yourself, your body and your environment, as fully as possible, while accepting yourself with everything that is and is not. It requires a great willingness and courage to become the watcher 

and to look at yourself.  Allowing the experience to come, whether it is a pleasant one or not. This creates space for growth and real transformation.

Tantra works with topics that are very close to your heart. Sexuality, of course, is part of that. Sexuality is a beautiful expression of the natural life force energy. Surrender to that life energy is an entrance to the spiritual realms. But that is only possible when we are in touch with our presence, in connection with our hearts, and embracing our future self.

There is no right or wrong within the tantric philosophy, tantra is without judgment, there is only that which is!

It is the teaching of total surrender, acceptance and full embodiment. If we can speak of a purpose at all, because basically tantra is purposeless, one of the aspects of tantra is to bring together the Shiva (the male energy) and the Shakti (the female energy). Shiva is the origin of knowledge and Shakti is the power of manifestation.

Tantra (Sanskrit: tan = expansion; tra = liberation)

tantric coach

Some Myths about tantra

Tantra is growing explosively in popularity by the day. Which is amazingly beautiful, this is exactly what the world needs. Yet unfortunately, it is growing both in a positive and in a negative way. Therefore it's important that training programs like this one are being developed, because the original authentic ancient form of tantra is pure magic with strong healing powers. Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that dates back more than 5,000 years. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means ‘woven together’. Being a Tantrika is a Lifestyle. It is a way of life that brings happiness, love and wisdom. And on top of that, you get the chance to embrace it and pass it on! The world needs you.

Tantra is an Eastern philosophy that includes various spiritual concepts like breathwork, yoga, and meditation that can then increase sexual energy. You learn how to transform this powerful energy into life-force! A common misconception about tantric sex is that it involves wild, uninhibited sexual experiences. While tantric techniques can open you up to a new dimension, an entire new world with expanded sensations, it’s as much a mental practice as a spiritual one.

Another misconception around tantra is that it’s always necessary to have a partner. While many couples practice tantric sex together, it can also be an individual practice. Actually it starts with an individual experience and adopting the Tantric Lifestyle.

In fact, those who practice tantric techniques, or follow the tantric path, have the overall goal of freeing the soul and expanding consciousness. This can be done in a various of ways, tantric sex being just one of them.

Our Vision on tantra

'Tantra as a way of life' teaches us how to use our sexual energy to make a connection with Brahma, or the universe, our higher self, something much bigger than us. If everyone knew how to use this energy and transform it into creativity and development of our higher self, the world would be an even more beautiful and peaceful place.

In our view, tantra is about letting your life energy flow

About "enjoying", about "being in love", about "awareness".

Coming home to yourself, merging with the other, becoming one with existence.

tantric coach

Tantra is saying fully YES to this life.

Tantra is accepting who you are.

Tantra is feeling and experiencing, deep connection with yourself and the world around you.

Tantra is pure love.

Tantra is a way of life.

Tantra is the bubbles

This training is made for everyone who is ready for a new big step in his or her life. The step to live your most beautiful and finest life!

This training is for men and women who want a deeper connection with body, soul and spirit. And then from here to meet, coach and support others!

Tantra is the bubbles of the champagne....

Tantra is the garlands you hang yourself at a party....

Tantra is life….

The depth of the tantra path is so beautiful and powerful, it touches all aspects of your life

tantric coach

How Tantra Will Transform Your Life

Tantric Way of Life can teach you to let your zest for life flow freely again, get out of your head move to your heart, and come back home to your body. Our body is the temple where all things come to rest, source of creativity and the vessel for our soul and spirit. From here the life energy is fed and you can experience real love! Love for yourself, a partner and for life!

It makes you happier. 

And tantra also...

  • Energizes you in your life, work and family
  • Can give you a mega boost if you are single
  • Strengthens your positive emotions
  • Develops your personality
  • Makes you more optimistic
  • Boosts your self-esteem, self-love and confidence
  • Improves your sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Makes you sweeter, kinder and more grounded
  • New dimension of sexual energy
  • Boost your intimacy and connection with yourself and others
  • Key to magical lovemaking
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What is the Tantric Coach training about?

1. Your own tantric adventure and personal development.

2. Having the right mindset, coaching skills and tantric meditations and tools to become a professional Tantric Coach.

3. How can you make a living out of being a professional Tantric Coach in daily life?

Which themes are being covered in the training?

Your Personal Tantric Practice

Experiencing and embodying all the tantric meditations and tools yourself

Tantric Lifestyle

Your own tantric daily Ritual

Becoming a 24/7 Tantrika

How Tantra Works

Working with polarity, the Masculine &  Feminine

Awakened Sensual Self

Sexual Energy

Life Force

Wisdom of the body

Tantric Breathwork

Tantric Touch

Mystical of the Senses

5 Elements of Nature

Power of Movement of the body

The Philosophy of Tantra

Relaxing & expanding instead of  contracting

Allowing instead of  pushing

Being instead of Doing

Unconditional Love

Entering The Heart Space



True Life Purpose

Transformation and shift of Consciousness

What is Tantric Coaching?

How to choose the right tantric meditation or exercise for yourself and your clients?

The basic techniques of coaching

Listening & questioning skills

Using the Tantric Vibration into Coaching

Transfer of consciousness

Holding the Tantric Space

From Head to Heart

Heart Coherence

Heart connection with your client

Your role and responsibility 

Your role and responsibility as a professional Tantric Coach

Communication and transparency with clients

Integrity and safety

Transparency, bounderies and reflection

The role of compassion and neutrality

Professional attitude and  your ethic position

The next steps

Making your entrance in the World of Coaching

Owning your own Tantric Practice

Creating and attracting clients

Sharing your work


Integrating your Tantric Lifestyle in your daily life

Gift and challenges of working with Tantric Energy

Further studies and development as a Tantrika

What you learn in the Tantric Coach training

  • The Mystical World of Tantra.
  • How to live a Tantric Lifestyle.
  • How to invite more energy in your life on a daily basis.
  • Awakening your sexual energy so it becomes your life force.
  • What it means to be a multiple-orgasmic person.
  • Designing a personal daily tantric ritual for your own life.
  • How to close the chapter of the past to open a new one for your future.
  • Embracing your Future Self being in the present moment.
  • How to welcome more pleasure and joy into your daily life.
  • What do you need in order to be a successful Tantric Coach.
  • How to distinguish yourself as a Coach.
  • How to attract your Soulmate Clients.
  • The 10 most transformative Tantric meditations and tools.

How will this program astonish you!

  • You will develop your own personalized daily tantric practice. These are tools that you can use to develop yourself, deepen your relationships, spice up your sensuality and sexuality and become an overall more joyful and happy person!
  • You learn a unique tantra system that you can share with others.
  • We offer you a Bonus Program in which you learn how to package your Tantric Coaching, how to share it with the world and how to make a living out of it.. This is very valuable as it allows you to be a professional Tantric Coach with Clients.

For whom is the training?

  • For anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves, others and the world.
  • For anyone curious about The Mystical World of Tantra.
  • People with experience with tantra who would like to share this with others.
  • People who already work 1-to-1 with people who would like to add an incredible rich skillset & transformative exercises to their repertoire.
  • Yoga teachers who would like to deepen the feeling experience of body work.
  • People who want to share tantra in a safe and professional way.
tantric coach

This training sounds great! Tell me more, how is the training structured?

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Every month you receive 2 Expert Classes (1 tantra class & 1 coaching class) 

In these classes we dive deep into tantra and coaching. We share the best practices and techniques that we use for ourselves and in serving others.  
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Live online Mastery session

Every month you will have 2 LIVE Mastery sessions (1 in tantra & 1 in coaching) with Q & A 
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Regular NEW tantra practices

Twice a month you receive an NEW tantra practice to practice for yourself (and share it later with others).
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Experiential Home Assignments to learn to coach others

In the Expert classes and Live Mastery sessions you will get Experiential Home Assignments through which you learn to coach people tantric style and with tantric exercises, meditations and various tools.
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Private group to share and ask guidance

There is a private group where you can share your experiences and ask for guidance from your fellow tantric coach students.
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Study load: 30 - 60 minutes tantric practice per day + 5 hours weekly self-study

The schedule of the Live Mastery Sessions

In the live Zoom sessions we practice the theory, dive deep into the content, do exercises in breakout rooms and you have the opportunity to ask questions. Sessions start @ 10.00 a.m. CEST and are between 1-2 hours. 

Here is the schedule (TM = Tantra Live Mastery Session, CM = Coaching Live Mastery Session):

October: 2 (TM) & 16 (CM)

November: 6 (TM) & 27 (CM)

December: 4 (TM) & 11 (CM)

January: 15 (TM) & 29 (CM)

February: 12 (TM) & 26 (CM)

March:  12 (TM) & 26 (CM)

April: 9 (TM) & 23 (CM)

May: 7 (TM) & 21 (CM)

June: 11 (TM) & 25 (CM)

About the trainers

Humita Premmiela Kanhai (Lead Trainer)

Humita Premmiela is an innovator in the field of personal power and growth, and her work is seen as very loving with great impact. She ensures that people of all ages develop fully through empowerment and embodiment. In the past decade, she has coached and inspired over 1,000 amazing souls to live a shamelessly extraordinary life! Many people saw their dreams come true, stepped into their authentic power, and chose to live their most joyful life. They feel safe and seen while working with Humita, and their transformation is quite remarkable!

For those of you who don’t know her; Humita is a true Tantrika, and first walked this path herself, from 0 to 100 we might say. She came from far.

Besides being a successful Transformation Coach nowadays, Humita has her own clothing label, private yoga studio in Amsterdami, daily room on Clubhouse (Womenlounge) and a successful podcast from tropical locations in the world. She is also founder of the platform The Female Way and is writing her first book in Tulum & Ibiza, where she currently lives, 'as we speak’!

tantric coach

What others say about Humita

Dear Humita, it was indescribably special this course. Tantric Breathwork brought me right into my body, and your energy opened my heart. You have given me a chance to experience tantra in such a beautiful sacred way, and this is really different than what I thought it was. I feel free and powerful at the same time and ready to coach my clients in this unique way! This is really a new experience for me which I can use in my work as a yoga teacher as well.

introdictie cursus tantra humite guru gian kundalini yoga club
Irene, yoga teacher

The transformation after working with Humita was miraculous. She has a talent for moving people forward in life and allowing them to live life to the fullest. Her sensuality is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her accessible.

It's remarkable how she always knows exactly how to hit the nail on the head. But what I admire most about her is her ability to see the potential in each person, and the way she conveys this to them.


I am so grateful that I decided to participate in this course. For the first time I have created a tantric morning ritual, that I use daily. This is a huge victory! I feel more alive, have more energy and feel more relaxed....

Thank you so much for your willingness to share and allow yourself to be vulnerable, it is truly inspiring!

M. Lanoy, nurse

Jasper Kok / Guru Gian (co-trainer)

Jasper is a renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher & coach in the Netherlands and abroad. He has successfully launched the international Kundalini Yoga Coaching level 1 & 2 and the largest online Kundalini Yoga Platform the Kundalini Yoga Club in the Netherlands. Jasper has coached thousands of people to a healthy, happy, conscious and successful life both in the business world as normal life. He has a big heart and supports many other teachers and coaches in their growth.

Jasper started his tantric path with Kundalini Yoga almost 20 years ago and in the last years studying and practicing the broader tantric tradition. Jasper loves coaching and supporting others to succeed is his main drive in life. 

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What others say about Jasper (Guru Gian)

What others are saying about this training

"The course has brought me more than I thought it would. The tantra the way Humita brought it is really so clear and so pure. So full of love. The structure was very carefully chosen. I am so happy with all the videos available that I can still watch back now. The different perspectives were also very dynamic and nice to get to know in order to find my own way. I also really loved the coaching from Jasper. Business & personal, male focus & female interaction. Both worlds were merged into a qualitative & accessible transfer of information."

"The course really makes me feel like I am doing what I need to do. Listening to the voice of the inner unified tantra(a)!"

"The reason I took the course was that I wanted to get more in touch with my feelings (more heart, less head), it brought me that."

"I wanted to feel more present in my body, reawaken my sexual energy and love my body again. And I absolutely succeeded. I really liked Humita's sessions and they worked deeply on me."

"I feel more grounded, clearer about how I want to live this dream, more energetic to manifest and clearer to communicate."

"This course is great for experiencing everything about yourself! And to experience a rebirth .... Embodying the divine in its full potential with all its Human limitations!"

"If there has been any training that has brought me much love and peace, it is this tantra training by Jasper & Humita. If there has been a training that has given me the bubbles of life, but above all the ability to live it and carry it out into the world, it is this tantra training. An impressive interplay of feminine & masculine energy. Focused on what they want to convey. Broad & accessible to all. A careful structure that highlights tantra as pure & clean as it is essentially meant to be. An inner richness that lets its brilliance shine infinitely. More than grateful! All love for a process in Love-Full-Consciousness.... Love Bibian-Liv Sita"

"After a second pregnancy and a lot of busyness in my life, I felt I had lost touch with my body quite a bit. I was looking for ways to reconnect with myself. To enjoy my body again. To feel juicy in my body. And reawaken my sexual energy."

"It really lights up my life with light energy, allowing me to enjoy my body, my senses, my mind in a different way. More dedicated, more succulent, more sensual than the path of my spiritual practice - kundalini yoga. And I feel it's a vital element for me to feel good...."

"My sex life has changed significantly and become more enjoyable.... Which is an achievement with two small children!

And, I also had a big judgment about 'fun' which I noticed was very much taken over by my family. And by working in this training, that is starting to change.... I feel more okay to enjoy and be sensual...."

"It's amazing how playful you were. Sometimes you shift roles. I could also feel Humita's Shiva and Guru Gian's Shakti. And this is beautiful. Thank you for your energy. And it's a big, big work. You keep this space open for us all year. Thank you for everything!"

"Since I started Tantra, a lot has changed in my life. And that is so beautiful. It changed my life, it changed my relationship with my husband, it gave back my sexuality completely. And I was always very scared. And confidence is just something that came out of this course, really!"

What is the investment for the training?

Normal Price  is €2.477,-

But if you join today you can join for the early bird price of €1.977,-

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: I can't participate in everything, is that a problem?
    Answer: No, this program is designed in a way you can do it at your own pace and time. Everything is recorded and you are going to do a lot of yoga, meditation and practices in particular

  • Question: How long does the training last?
    Answer: The training has 2 LIVE sessions per month for a duration of 9 months.

  • Question: Will I still have access to all the information and videos after the training?

    Answer: Yes, you will continue to have access to the online environment after the training is over.

  • Question: I don't have that much experience yet. Is this something for me?

    Answer: Yes it is. After this training you will understand much better what Tantra and Coaching is about and what its potential is. It is a real Life Changing Experience.

  • Question: I already have a lot of experience. Is this still interesting for me?

    Answer: Yes it is! We have been studying different methods for over 10 years and still learn every day. Your experience deepens, , your curiosity and creativity awakens and your life becomes richer.

  • Question: Can I pay in installments?

    Answer: Yes you can pay in ten installments Note: You sign up for the whole training. When you decide to stop halfway through, the payment obligation will remain.

  • Question: What is the study load?
    Answer: The study load is 30 - 60 minutes tantric practice per day, plus 5 hours weekly self-study.