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Become A Successful (Online) Business Yoga Teacher In 90 Days!

Presented by: 

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa & Guru Gian (Jasper Kok)

"We worked for years in the background to create the ideal system to blend effortlessly and successfully Kundalini Yoga into the business world. And now you can learn it from us..."

In this Online Free Masterclass You Learn the 9 steps to become a successful business yoga teacher.  

Annette Nishan Chandra Kaur

Yoga Teacher

Thank You For Your Tireless Teaching!

Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting 10 week emersion to become a business kundalini yoga teacher.Sat Kirtan brings her deep devotion, her wonderful smile and her endless steadyness to the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga together with her warm heart and openness to everybody’ s need in a wonderful 10 week training.

The well thought combination to join the daily sadhana, meet in person with the group once a week and to have access to all the material at any time makes it easy too learn and to grow into the new roll.

It is a personal development training, where you experience strategies and get material to start your new roll as a kundalini yoga business teacher right away by yourself.

Thank you Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa for you tireless way of teaching, holding space, listen and answer to any need of every person in the group.

Sat Nam

Join Our Free Masterclass & 

Become A Successful Business Yoga Teacher In 90 Days

These Are Your Presenters:

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga teacher and author of "Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less" and the book ‘How To Become A Conscious Leader"

She became a Business Yoga specialist in order to help professionals relax and better themselves at work, without the stress of finding time to carve out of their busy schedules.  For 3 years, she suffered from an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), which made her work life very uncomfortable. This is when she discovered Kundalini Yoga.

After starting her training in Kundalini Yoga, her purpose in life became clear: "It was my mission to make people aware that they are worth making themselves their own top priority. When a person becomes their own top priority, they become an invaluable component to their company, to their fellow employees, and most importantly, they become invaluable to themselves."

In the book, our trainings and our programs, we’ll share with you what we’ve learned and have been able to successfully apply.

Kundalini Yoga

Guru Gian (Jasper Kok)

For Almost 15 years, Jasper Kok (Guru Gian) is a yoga and meditation teacher and coach. With a PhD in Business Economics and a career as economic advisor, Jasper knows how to build bridges between the "normal" business world and the spiritual world. 

Guru Gian has build the largest Dutch online Kundalini Yoga platform and gives international trainings in Kundalini Yoga Coaching.

Guru Gian guides and coaches people from different backgrounds and professions. From people with terminal diseases, freelancers, yoga teachers to national and international CEO's. He combines his compassion of his spiritual path with a practical down-to-earth business mindset and humor.