Kundalini Yoga & Bodywork Retreat Barcelona 

September 29th until October 5th 2019

“Yoga & Tantric Bodywork is a way of getting in touch with your inner treasures”

Two Amazing Experienced Teachers take you on a Journey of Love & Happiness

Guru Gian (Jasper Kok) from Gian Institute and Humita (Prem Shakti) from the Lakshmi Lifestyle bring you the best of two of the greatest spiritual traditions: Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Tantric Bodywork (step-in level). Humita's & Guru Gian’s journey together started more than 10 years ago when Humita joined a Kundalini Yoga class by Guru Gian. It was love at first sight. Humita became a teacher herself and studied with many great Tantric Masters. Guru Gian deepened his experience in Kundalini Yoga and became a well known yoga coach for managers & CEO’s. Together they created the international acclaimed Kundalini Yoga Coaching training and since 2013 they create amazing retreats in Spain.

7 days of Pure Magic and Bliss

This is already the 5th edition of the retreat, and this year you can go on a magical 7 day retreat in the beautiful nature just outside Barcelona. Our retreats are created for you to awaken your heart, and transform to live your true potential. When you remember how to live from the sacred space of your heart, you connect with who you truly are and what you are eventually here for. Everybody who feels like a life changing experience, deepen their heart awakening, activate their kundalini energy, move the energy around the first chakra's (area of your sexual organs, your pelvis), and has the desire to be fully alive is very welcome to this retreat. It doesn't matter what background you have, religion or how you have been raised. Whether you have experience or not in yoga or spirituality, you are welcome to join us as you are right now.

A Truly Unique Kundalini Yoga & Tantric Bodywork Retreat

  • Kundalini Yoga awakens your spirit, brings your energy to the higher centers and it awakens your awareness. Old limiting patterns can dissolve and new creative consciousness is there for you to use. You feel enlightened and have immense mental clarity. You know who you are and what you have to do in life.
  • Tantric Bodywork brings your awareness back in your body. In Tantra we believe, that you are perfect the way you are. We do invite you to dive a little deeper though: Is this the life I really want? Do I have the courage to be who I really am and show myself to the world? What are my deepest desires and needs? How would my dream life look like? Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition of personal development that uses meditation and sexual energy practices to develop spiritual awakening (no nudity involved in this course). 

What do others say? 

Yoga has become an essential part of my life for me now. It is wonderful that I can simply let go of what's not important.

Benjamin - Media Specialist

It awakens you on all levels: your body, your mind, your energy and your spirituality. Guru Gian teaches with deep respect, enormous knowledge and from his heart.

Barbara - Consultant

For me, Guru Gian is a source of inspiration and positive energy. He has immense knowledge and motivates and inspires every time. Recommended.

Gijs - Entrepreneur

Are you ready to to go on an adventure?

With 25 years of experience in practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Bodywork, we know exactly how to guide you on a spiritual journey that is both transforming you in the best version of yourself AND give you a chance to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate yourself.

An unique Retreat in heaven & A training in Kundalini Yoga and Bodywork

Let go of your stress and worries and let yourself be treated as a Queen or King in our wonderful retreat center with swimming pool and jacuzzi. You will enjoy fresh foods full of prana and relax in hammocks while enjoying the pristine silence of the hills. Immerse yourself in the yogic teachings and series. You will be trained in awakening, strengthening and balancing the pranic body. Everyday you will learn yogic exercises, pranayamas, tantric bodywork and meditations. After the retreat you will receive a training certificate of the Pranic Body teachings in Kundalini Yoga Coaching as certified by CRKBO (the formal Dutch institution on continuing education). 

All education is done in a relaxed open and safe atmosphere. No pressure or 'must do's'. 

Discover the Kundalini Yoga & Body Work Retreat

1. Seven days at a luxurious Retreat Center

You will feel really at home in this place. Spanish hospitality. Different sun terraces to chill. An indoor spacious yoga room. And an huge outside space; Rooftop Yoga. Enough possibilities to find a nice quiet place for yourself. 

When? September 29th (19.00 hrs) until October 5th (14.00 hrs).

2. Dive deep into the Magic Teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

In this retreat you will experience almost 40 hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation! You will get trained in your pranic body (the 8th body in the Ten Bodies teachings in Kundalini Yoga). Your pranic body is an electromagnetic field that carries the prana, the life force. Prana is your vitality and health. When you have a strong pranic body, you are vital, energetic and fearless. You will experience experience purity and flow in your life. The power to empower. Your presence will heal. You will receive a certificate for this pranic body training from the Gian Institute on the last day.

3. Awaken your aliveness and sensuality with Tantric Bodywork

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition of personal development that uses meditation and sexual energy practices to develop spiritual awakening (no nudity involved in this course). It is about finding the divine love within yourself. There is not even a path to find love inside of yourself, because your are love. Love is what you're made of and it is your true nature. So it is all about the recognition and remembrance!

4. Outstanding Spanish vegetarian food

If you have ever joined one of our retreats you know we love excellent delicious food. You feel nourished and your senses will tingle with joy if you taste this beautiful local (mostly organic) meals 3 times a day. 

5. Chill out in the jacuzzi and swimming pool

A bit sweaty from the yoga? No problem! Take a dive in the swimming pool and you will be refreshed. Want to chill even more? Try the jacuzzi.

6. Be active and enjoy nature

Do you want some time away in nature? Just go on one of the wonderful hikes. Mountains and waterfalls are nearby. You have enough free afternoons to spent in nature.

7. Relax at the beach

Nearby you can find several beaches where you can relax, swim and chill. Cleans yourself with natural mud mask and the salt sea water and feel fully renewed after.

8. Visit the cultural heritage of beautiful mystic Barcelona

Barcelona, the city of Gaudi, beautiful various amazing parcs and lovely people. Get lost in the small romantic streets of Barcelona and visit the Sagrada Familia!

9. Meet wonderful people

Being on a spiritual journey can sometimes be lonely. Not on our retreats. The people visiting our retreats are optimizing their meaning of life and love, and are positive. We don't live in caves, but we enjoy the fullness and abundance of this precious life, and living from our souls.

10. Live music

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful chants of the Kundalini Yoga tradition played by the wonderful musician Casper Veda Sorensen. 


Six months FREE use of the online Kundalini Yoga Club with online Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations. 

Sign up now and you can do Kundalini Yoga online with Guru Gian.

(N.B. Video's are in Dutch!)

What do others say about the retreat?

The weird form of yoga which at the end works for you! It was honestly hardworking, though at the end I felt really amazing. I had so much energy and inner strength, but also an overwhelming sense of inner peace and love.

Marion Pauw - Writer

Perfect way to experience the special vibes of Ibiza. Great and diverse yoga

and meditation, inspiring content, lovely people, amazing location and more than delicious food

Marleen Kuyt - Entrepreneur

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