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Is it possible to make €10.000 a month with yoga coaching?

The answer to this is: Yes!

Last November was the first time I made more than €10.000 a month with yoga coaching. Now maybe you think making money with yoga isn’t spiritual. But I can guarantee you that financial abundance and security is very important for your first chakra (and of course money isn’t my only motivation).

Also I know what it is like to earn just a little money. In my first years as a yoga teacher I often made less than €10.000 a year! And that resulted in a lot of stress.

How did I make over €10.000 with yoga coaching?

Was I coaching from early morning until late at night? No. I closed four different coaching packages that run from six months to 1 year and I see those clients once or twice each month. The investment of such a course varied between €1750 and almost €4000.

Also I didn’t use any pushy sales techniques that forced a trajectory it onto someone against their will. No, these are all people or companies that want to be coached and are able to afford it. They are just as happy with the results as the other clients I have coached.

The most important in yoga coaching is offering the right service to the right person or company

And this is something I want to share with you in my introduction evening Kundalini Yoga Coaching. I want to share with you what I learned the past 10 years by coaching people and companies.

I will teach you:

  • My professional system of doing a yoga coaching intake you can use with both individuals as well as companies
  • The do’s and don’ts when having an intake conversation
  • How to create yoga coaching packages that offer more value to your clients and enable you to earn more money
  • What yoga coaching techniques are popular in companies
  • How I use these techniques to keep myself sharp and fresh

I won’t tell you that you will earn €10.000 a month right away (of course it is possible and I won’t limit you to that). You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

I also won’t tell you that it will be easy. I like to keep it real.

I will tell you that when you dare to combine your meditative awareness with action: anything is possible.

I am sure this evening will be very valuable to you

This evening is for:

  • Kundalini Yoga teachers that want to work 1-on-1
  • Kundalini Yoga teachers that want to work with companies
  • Kundalini Yoga teachers that aren’t afraid to earn money
  • Any other professionals or anyone interested in this subject

This evening is not for:

  • People who think that making money and yoga can’t coexist


This introduction evening is also an opportunity to ask question about the Kundalini Yoga Coaching Training Level 1.
Participation is FREE. I want to share this knowledge with you.
Please do register when attending at

More information about the level 1 training:

Laat hieronder weten wat je ervan vond!

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2 reacties op “Is it possible to make €10.000 a month with yoga coaching?

Door Claudia op 11 januari 2018

Wooow… great, dear Jasper!
But unfortunately I am so far away from Amsterdam…
What about a Webinar about this topic!? Many Greetings from Vienna! Sat Nam

Door Padmani Kaur op 11 juni 2018

Yes dear Jasper. I also find a Webinar a great idea

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